Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June 2011 Prayer Letter

Dear Pastor and Friends,

We are thankful to serve the Lord and see His blessings. We have had 17 saved in meetings of late. We are happy to tell you that a couple over 70 years old accepted Christ, made their public profession, both were baptized and have faithfully attended church since their salvation. We have also seen over $75,000.00 promised to missions in Faith Promise conferences. Several were new churches that had never had conference before.

Our schedule is busy for the summer. We are both doing pretty well but pray for physical strength and safe travel.

We have been invited to be in the Philippines in February 2012. We are excited about seeing the works there and will be preaching all month in churches and graduations.

Please call if I can be of any assistance to you. We will be mostly in New England until November. Thank you for faithfully supporting the ministry God has placed us in. We are excited as God continues to bless and use us to His honor and glory.

Yours for Souls and Church Planting,

Pastor Smith and Sharron

Saturday, December 18, 2010

December 2010

Dear Pastor and Friends,

Luke 2:11 “For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ
the Lord.” What an amazing verse. There is no greater joy than to read the story of the birth
of the “Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.” Christmas Greetings to each of you! I hope
this letter finds you well and enjoying this very special time of year.

Thank each of you for being a part of an amazing year. Your friendship, prayers and
financial support during 2010 have been very encouraging and helpful in being a small part
of reaching New England for Christ. We are thankful that the Lord has opened so many doors
for us to serve Him in one of the greatest mission fields in the USA. I’m humbled as well to
be able to serve alongside some of the greatest missionary church planters in the Lord’s work
today. Many thanks to the New England pastors who are standing true and tall to the
Fundamentals of the Faith during these days of compromise.

Here is a brief run down of what has occurred in 2010: 9 Missions Conferences with more
than $250,000.00 commitments promised; 1 Revival; 1 VBS, in which I drove the bus;
preached at the 34 th Anniversary of the church we started in Peabody, MA; taught three weeks
of Bible Institute classes; preached at a church in Lynn, MA, 11 weeks which didn’t have a
pastor. We saw 18 saved and 10 adults baptized before we saw a Pastor take over. We were
in many churches and saw many decisions at the altar. It was a blessed year.

Please keep us in your prayers for 2011, especially health wise. We already have a busy
schedule beginning in January. Our goal is to be back in New England some time in March
to help plant a brand-new Baby Church in the Greater Worcester area (the 2nd largest city in
all of New England).

May the Dear Lord give each of you a fruitful and prosperous New Year. Please let me
know how you are doing and if I can be of any assistance to you in 2011. It is an honor to
represent you and your church in New England.

With Our Deepest Love and Admiration,
Brother David Smith and Sharron

Sunday, October 10, 2010

October 2010

Dear Pastors and Friends,

Greetings in the name of our blessed Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I trust you have had a fruitful summer, we certainly have on your behalf. The Lord has allowed us to be in three Faith Promise Missions Conferences, one Revival, one Vacation Bible School and also the privilege of teaching a twelve hour mission course in Fairview Baptist College in Kansas City, Kansas. The most recent Faith Promise Missions Conference was held at Fairview Baptist Church, Pastor Jared Shipman. The theme was Candle in the Darkness. One of our best conferences ever. As well we are working to keep the doors opened of a young church in Lynn, MA.

The results of these meetings that can be added to your account are:

1) 41 salvations

2) 8 baptisms

3) 4 surrendered their lives to the Lord

4) $150,000.00 raised in Faith Promise commitments

5) Many other decisions made at the altar

Several conferences are scheduled this fall in churches in New England. Please pray for these upcoming Faith Promise Missions Conferences and meetings.

We count it a great privilege to represent you in New England. If we can help you any way please feel free to contact us.

We Love You,

Pastor Smith and Sharron


A Church for Every People and the Gospel for Every Person

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hello from New England-May 23, 2010

Encouraging Pastors * Helping Churches * Assisting Missionaries

D.W. Smith
Cell phone: (501) 350-6566 E-mail: dwsmith1947@aol.com
Blog site: helpingchurches.blogspot.com
Sending Church: Heritage Baptist Temple
4910 Stagecoach Rd. - Little Rock, AR 72204

Dear Pastor and Church Family,

During the last 2 months we have been in 2 churches in Arkansas, 1 church in Alabama, and 3 churches in Massachusetts. We have seen 3 saved, 1 surrendered, and many decisions made. We are now in a Missions Conference in Clinton, MA. We are excited about being in their very first conference.

The next two months will have us in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. We love New England and pray we will see many saved during the revival meetings and missions conferences that are on the schedule.

Pastor Doug Crosby and Grace Baptist Church, Ozark, AL, gave us 80 song books and a pulpit to give to a new church. We met a family who will be starting an independent Baptist church in Salem, MA within a month. They now have 40 song books and a pulpit. Thank you Pastor Crosby and Grace Baptist Church.

After not sleeping more than 2 hours a night for 7 months, I am now doing better. Sharron is doing fine as well. Thank you so much for your prayers. Please continue to pray the Lord will give us strength and will use us for His work.

We love all of you!

Brother David Smith and Sharron

A Church for Every People and the Gospel for Every Person

Thursday, March 18, 2010

March 17th - March 21st Pocahontas Baptist Church/Pocahontas, Arkansas

   Well, I went out soul-winning with Pastor Ken Pennington today in Pocahontas, AR.
   Brother Pennington is the founding pastor of the 18 month old Pocahontas Baptist Church. The sending church is Jonesboro Baptist Church, Pastor Gary Winters of Jonesboro, AR. We knocked many doors and I led a young mother of 2 children to the Lord. Please pray she will attend church this Sunday. I am thankful this new Christian has a church to attend. Thank you Brother Pennington and Brother Winters.

        A Church for Every People and the Gospel for Every Person

Pastor Smith

Sunday, March 14, 2010

March 2010 Prayer Letter

Encouraging Pastors * Helping Churches * Assisting Missionaries

D.W. Smith

Cell phone: (501) 350-6566 E-mail: dwsmith1947@aol.com

Blog site: helpinghurches.blogspot.com

Sending Church: Heritage Baptist Temple

4910 Stagecoach Rd. - Little Rock, AR 72204

Dear Pastor and Church Family,

What a transformation from 36 years of Pastoring to traveling and preaching in a different church almost every week. One of the great blessings is gaining so many new friends. We’re thankful the Lord has kept us busy with a pretty full schedule.

In January and February I preached in churches in Alabama, Kansas, Missouri, Florida, and Arkansas. Two of these meetings were Missions Conferences where 2 surrendered for the mission field, 6 were saved, along with a number of other decisions for various things. The Lord’s blessings are certainly more than can be numbered. We also want to thank Him for His wonderful grace and His traveling mercies.

My plan is to be working with churches in Arkansas in March and April. There are several new churches that could use some help and encouragement, and I believe the Dear Lord would have us do what we can to assist them. If you are aware of a special need, please let me know.

Please pray for our upcoming trip to New England. Our plans are to be there from May through the middle of November, except for a brief trip back in September to preach a Missions conference in Kansas. We already have several missions conferences scheduled in New England, which we’re greatly looking forward to.

One of our objectives this summer is to assist in planting a new church in Worcester, Massachusetts. To do this, we need to identify a couple with a church planting, pioneering spirit to be the pastor. If you know of anyone that might have this kind of desire or calling, please let me know.

We love what we are doing and thank the Lord for the privilege of serving Him in this way. You are a great part of our life and we value your love, friendship and prayers.

Yours for Souls and Church Planting,

Pastor Smith and Sharron




A Church for Every People and the Gospel for Every Person

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

December Prayer Letter

Dear Friends,

Hello to all of you from the good ole USA. We trust you are rejoicing at the Good News of the birth of the blessed Son of God. I know this is a busy time of year for all of you, so I’ll make this brief and right to the point.

We just returned from a 9 week trip to the field of Tanzania, Africa. We had the privilege of assisting missionaries Tim and Kim Whitfield. What a great work the Lord has established through this dedicated couple. Here is a brief summary of all we were pleased to be involved in during this mission trip: Over 25 salvations; 9 baptisms; many decisions made; preached in 3 villages; organized Tabora Baptist Temple and ordained a Tanzania man to pastor the church; passed out hundreds of Swahili tracts (5 people on the airplane read the tracts, gave them back to me after they accepted the Lord. The missionaries will follow up on them.); preached the Missions Conference at Tabora Baptist Temple; taught sessions at the Bible Institute on the topics of Personal Holiness, Eternal Security, and Spiritual Gifts.

Please continue to pray for us as we move into 2010. We do deeply desire to be used of the Lord to be a blessing wherever He may lead us. Please let me know if you have a special need that we could assist you with in the coming year. We very much value you and your ministry, and thank you for being a part of ours. Sharron and I wish you a very Merry Christmas and may the Dear Lord give each of us a fruitful and blessed New Year as we serve the Master.

Glory to the Soon Coming King!

Bro. David Smith

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